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What's an INDICA strain?

Indica cannabis strains provide a sedative or couchlock effect with calming and relaxing effects. If you're looking to kick back and relax after a long day at work, these are what you're looking for! Indica strains are recommended when seeking treatment for sleeping disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, body aches and pains. Indica strains are also commonly used for treating multiple sclerosis, arthritis and chronic nausea. For more complete information on Indica strains check out this insightful article!

what's a hybrid strain?

If you're looking for a great balance between creativity and pain relief / relaxation, hybrid cannabis strains offer the best of both worlds. Some are indica dominant, which offer the pain relief, relaxation and often sedative effects of the indica strain while not making you too sleepy or sedated. Others are sativa dominant strains, which provide creative and energetic effects while retaining some of the beneficial effects of indica strains.

What's a sativa strain?

Sativa cannabis strains provide a boost of energy and creativity with uplifting and stimulating effects. It creates a sensation of comfort, energy and usually introspective thoughts. The effects of smoking or ingesting a sativa strain makes them particularly popular among musicians, artists or people seeking inspiration. The most common benefits range from treating mental and behavioral problems to treating depression, stress and ADHD. The taste and scent of sativa strains are typically very citrusy, earthy and tropical.

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